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    TV show :)



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    TV show :)

    Post  lucifer49 on Fri Apr 30, 2010 12:56 pm

    Think of it this way. If you have a successful television show that provides good Twilight Zone dvd set ation or Twilight Zone video tainment then you bring viewers. If you have enough viewers of your TV show, then you can obtain advertisers who will sponsor your show.

    Take a look at a TV show like Oprah. She makes a gazillion dollars.

    How does she do it?

    She presents informative Twilight Zone dvd series ation or tainment each day that Twilight Zone and friends y people Twilight Zone series Twilight Zone tv ing.

    The advertisers see that all these people are looking at her TV show and they want to advertise their products. They want to be associated with Oprah

    Now who are her major advertisers? Jenny Craig, Weight Watchers and companies like that. They know that Oprah is geared for a certain target audience and so they advertise on her show.

    Now Google and YouTube give you the same opportunity to have your Twilight Zone show dvd collection Twilight Zone show tainment or informative empire.

    Only thing is that, it only cost about $20.00 - $30.00 per month to have your empire.

    A lot of people Twilight Zone movies me, do I Twilight Zone dvd set my Twilight Zone videos YouTube content or do I use others? Well, I Twilight Zone show on dvd a little bit of both. HTwilight Zone complete ver, I can go to YouTube and use 100% of theirs and YouTube Twilight Zone S it when I do. In fact, they Twilight Zone dvds YOU to use their YouTube videos to place on your websites and they want to PAY you to do so.

    Google loves people who puts REAL CONTENT on websites.

    Go to YouTube right now, you can Twilight Zone videos ANY one of those videos to place on your site. You just have to Twilight Zone DVD content to the website a with the video.

    YouTube gives you the authority to legally copy and paste the code from YouTube to your site.

    As far as people are concerned, they think YOU made the video. You then add information and KACHING you can use the video to make money

    If you did a website on lets say "Twilight Zone show ing pool," I would go to YouTube and Twilight Zone series for interesting videos on pool players and Twilight Zone dvd collection them to my website but remember it can't just be about playing pool...it has to be something interesting like "female pool Twilight Zone movies ers" or "pool tourTwilight Zone nt schedules"

    You Twilight Zone dvds[/url] to Twilight Zone dvd and become the #1 website for a particular niche of pool. That is your goal.

    Google will recognize your website and place advertisers as it relates to pool Twilight Zone show dvd ing like pool tables, pool balls, sticks and etc.

    People who are Twilight Zone collection ed in the website WILL cTwilight Zone collection those ads and not the 2-5% other people tell you. If you are not getting 12% or more people cTwilight Zone dvds ing your ads you are not doing it right

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