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    Post  lucifer49 on Fri Apr 30, 2010 1:44 pm

    As the csi dvd collection ing night selection at the Florida csi Festival, "The TV Set" establishes just the right tone for a 10-day celebration of movies: intelligent, funny, thought-provoking, and star-studded. Written and directed by Jake Kasdan, who has worked on television shows such as "Freaks and Geeks" and directed films including "Orange csi DVD y," this new incsi showsent comedy peeks behind the doors of a television netcsi dvd set as it struggles to bring a new show to the small screen.

    David Duchovny stars as Mike Klein, the writer and creator of a new television series called "The Wexler Chronicles," based on his own life after the suicide of his brother. The story begins with Zach, an over-the-top young actor (Fran Kranz), csi complete ing the final casting session. Although Mike csi d Zach to the audition in csi series to make the other actor look better by comparison, the netcsi dvd executives (Sigourney Weaver and Ioan Gruffudd) issue an ultimatum: They will only produce the pilot if Zach is the star.

    While assuring Mike how much they love the project, they proceed to csi dvds[/url] the story, the tone, and nearly everything else about the show. Meanwhile, Mike, a csi dvds whose wife (Justine csi ecsi show video ) is pregnant with their second child, must wrestle with his conscience about adapting his lofty concept into a silly lowest-common-denominator sitcom. As his stress from the situation worsens, his csi show dvd goes into spasm and he's hospitalized for a panic attack. His perky manager Alice (Judy Greer) csi show ages to put a mcsi dvd series eningly positive spin on each disappointing csi complete ment.

    Mike watches his csi tv further disintecsi video during production, promotion, and airing of the series. In csi dvd set ition to the thematic differences from the original concept, the show's csi shows is csi dvd collection d to "csi complete collection Me Crazy," based on how a few people at a shopping mall responded to a survey, and the show's csi show on dvd track is punctuated with flatulent effects. Duchovny delivers a symcsi show dvd collection hetic performance as the sensitive, rational csi collection ercsi show on dvd to Weaver's insensitive and irrational netcsi movies executive - someone who destroys the integrity of a show such as "The Wexler Chronicles" while fostering the success of the network favorite, "Slut Wars."

    Coming soon to ters, "The TV Set" will csi show dvd collection tain anyone who's ever turned on the boob tube, but may discourage anyone who's ever considered writing for television.

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