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    Carol Burnett show video

    Post  bynes492 on Tue May 04, 2010 6:05 am

    M*A*S*H...the '70's comedy (and sometimes drama), was the greatest sitcom, that for 5 years, nobody watched. Yes there were core fans who religiously tuned in every week but the masses generally ignored the series due to its war theme and someCarol Burnett dvds s serious subject matter. The series was created in 1972 by M*A*S*H author H. Richard Hornberger (Hornberger used the pseudonym Richard Hooker as an author) after the success the 1968 movie by the same name. Even though ratings were small, CBS could not deny the fact that this series had quality in its storylines and actors alike. Today, a show like M*A*S*H would never make it through the first year. Back in the day, television networks allowed a series to mature and find its audience (It's a good thing CBS gave M*A*S*H 11 years to flourish!)

    When M*A*S*H was going through its growing pains (1972-1977) and producing its best years of creativity, I was too young to watch or Carol Burnett DVD the series. Fortunately, after the shows finally in 1983, there was Carol Burnett collection e deCarol Burnett tv d for the show (Aging well,like fine wine) that you could see the show 3, 4 even 5 times a day on various channels (In the '80's, new cable channels were Carol Burnett dvds[/url] ping up everywhere). As a result, due to this exposure, I became a M*A*S*H addict. I fell in Carol Burnett with the characters, the stories, the quality in which it was filmed (M*A*S*H was preserved on movie quality film). The creators of M*A*S*H were the first to expose viewers to the horrors and light side of war, not particularily in that order. The scenes in the operating room were not privy to a laugh track (producers were aware of the respect, dignity and sanctity necessary for those Carol Burnett dvd set d in previous wars). There were jokes written in the diologue during those scenes and give credit to the writers for allowing the audience to feel a mix of emotions during these scenes...from sadness for the injured... to the surgeons and nurses finding humour in light of horrific conditions..only to keep themselves from going insane. These scenes in the O.R., in my opinion, turned M*A*S*H from just a sitcom to a series with social significance, allowing generations of people to think about war...and what price do we all pay for this.

    The humour of M*A*S*H, combined with top rate actors and writing, kept audiences captivated for 11 years. It's the comedy and unpredictability of M*A*S*H that gave this series longevity. People under the age of 30 probably do not realize the incredible avalanche of popularity M*A*S*H had inherited the Carol Burnett show dvd collection few years of its run. M*A*S*H still holds, and most Carol Burnett dvds[/url] l always will, the all time record for audience viewership (106 miliion) for its final episode "Goodbye, Farewell and Amen". I feel a certain contentment in knowing that my favourite show ever holds the record that probably will never be eCarol Burnett complete sed.

    Thank-you Alan Alda: One of the most under-rated actors of our Carol Burnett show ...Paper Lion, Same Time Next Year are two of my favourite movies from my childhood...Thank-you for not giving up on M*A*S*H at a time when you did not see a clear future for the show. You ARE M*A*S*H and the reason for its existence.

    Thank-you McLean Stevenson: The first 3 seasons that you were Lt. Col. Henry Blake were the funniest of times..and the sCarol Burnett dvd series est, with the untimely death of your character, controversial by some, but poignant in terms of allowing the characters death to be written in the script and announced by Radar in the operating room. Heavy television at a time when subject Carol Burnett show on dvd with such personal tragedy was never discussed in comedies.

    Thank-you Gary Burghoff: The most loveable character in the history of television, Radar O'Reilly. You were in the movie in 1968 as Radar and no one could duplicate the wonderful innocence and freshness that was so needed in an Army Carol Burnett movies Carol Burnett dvd set ed by "all knowing" war time burn outs. Radar was also a pioneer. He allowed us to witness televisions first "nude"scene. In season 2, while escaping enemy fire, O'Reilly can be seen running for cover (sporting a towel around his waist), protected only by the showers/latrine. As he opens the door to enter, his towel, wrapped around his waist, drops...showing a Carol Burnett shows behind for a split second. He eventually falls into the safe arms of Henry Blake..in a scene that will forever make me laugh in hysterics!
    Carol Burnett show dvd collection -you Larry Linville: Major Frank Burns was a character played so far opposite to Hawkeye Pierce in sympathy and compassion. UltiCarol Burnett show dvd ly, these flaws, brought on by fear and insecurity, drew the audience Carol Burnett video r to Burns, thus making us feel compassionate Carol Burnett tv ards his character. One of the great character performances of our time.

    Thank-you Jamie Farr: The section 8 persuing Corporal Klinger was unique for television but not for the Army. It is not a mystery that several of the enlisted personnel were so desperate to return home that "bidding for a section 8" (psychiatric discharge) was not uncommon. What made Klinger's attempts unique was his affection for women's clothing. Takes a lot of guts to dress in something cross gendre. Klinger seemed to be comfortable in this attire...and after a while, the audience didn't notice, really, or didn't mind. When Klinger was NOT wearing women's clothing, we Carol Burnett show video this as weird! Brilliant!

    Carol Burnett -you M*A*S*H...Thank-you Hawkeye, Trapper, Henry Blake, Radar O'Reilly, Frank Burns, Hot Lips, Father Mulcahy, Klinger, B.J., Colonel Potter, Charles Emaerson Winchester the 3rd...even Nurse Kellye Nakahara, Igor Staminsky, Sergeant Rizzo, Dr.Sidney Freedman, Col. Flagg and camp P.A. Carol Burnett DVD rs(Attention...attention camp...),Todd SusCarol Burnett complete collection and Sal Viscuso.

    Last but certainly not least, I could not finish this article without mentioning the composer and lyricist of the classic theme to M*A*S*H, Suicide Is Painless...Johnny Mandel (music) and the lyrics (Robert Altman). This music is synonymous with M*A*S*H and its 11 year run. For those who Carol Burnett show video , the music starts with the sight of Radar (ever Carol Burnett movies and aware, the eyes and ears of the camp)overlooking the camp as helicopters approach the landing pad, while Doctors and Nurses Carol Burnett dvd series to aide the Carol Burnett complete d. If you are old enough to Carol Burnett on dvd pioneering television and have watched M*A*S*H, you know how powerful this opening of the show is.

    M*A*S*H...what acting, what writing, what stories, what comedy, what drama...what memories. The best show, comedy or drama, that has ever been Carol Burnett show dvd d...period.

    Goodbye, Farewell and Amen.

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