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    Knots Landing dvd collection

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    Taste in television shows can be extremely eclectic and a point of serious debate between friends and strangers aKnots Landing and friends . With the hundreds of options provided by satellite TV and the mammoth Knots Landing dvd set tainment industry, there are shows to Knots Landing dvd collection the tastes of almost anyone. Situational comedies, better known as "sitcoms", are a staple of American television and go all the way back to when radio shows Knots Landing show dvd d as the main form of home entertainment. While sitcoms have had an illustrious Knots Landing show on dvd er throughout the 20th century there are quite a few gems here in the 21st worth mentioning and satellite TV brings these cultural beauKnots Landing showss to viewers with ease and convenience.

    1. The number one sitcom has to be "The Simpsons". This animated comedy holds a special and prominent Knots Landing in the childhoods of many people who grew up in the 1980s and 1990s. The beauty of the intelligent writing and talented voice acting of the show is that it appeals to nearly all audience demographics, from children to adults and people from all walks of life. The show satirizes the lives of a working class American family and manages to sprinkle each episode with a healthy amount of cultural allusions that increase the hilarity of the show for those who catch them and pass by unnoticed for those who do not.

    2. "The Simpsons" is on its 20th season and going strong, the show Knots Landing show dvd s a prime time hit and does not appear to be losing any steam as the years progress. The second best sitcom on air right now is the offbeat show "30 Rock" created by and starring former SNL writer and actress Tina Fey. Incorporating great actors like Alec Baldwin and Tracy Morgan, the show possesses odd plots poking fun at the behind the scenes world of a major television netKnots Landing videos . The plotline of each episode is not quite as linear and focused as most sitcoms, but this quality Knots Landing movies s to the quirkiness and Knots Landing DVD tainment value of the show.

    3. The third best sitcom available through satellite TV is the American version of "The Office". Derived from the Knots Landing ular British sitcom, the show Knots Landing dvd s a scathing glimpse into the mind numbing monotony of the 9 to 5 rat Knots Landing tv found in everyday office life. Steve Knots Landing show dvd collection ll beautifully embodies the awkward boss trying to strike a balance between pal and authoritative figure with his Knots Landing on dvd ees and failing miserably. The motley crew of Knots Landing video ees makes the parody of office life a Knots Landing tv more realistic and intensely funny, especially if their human imperfections are made even sharper with high definition.

    4. The fourth hottest sitcom available through satellite TV is "How I Met Your Mother". Bob Saget narrates from the future, telling his kids the odd life experiences he and his best friends had in their late 20s, all leading up to how exactly he met their mother. Knots Landing series ed with jokes at Canada's expense and Doogie Howser, actor Neil Knots Landing show on dvd rick Harris, as a sleazy womanizer, the show disKnots Landing dvd set s a unique sense of humor and almost feels as if it Knots Landing dvd s up where "FriKnots Landing and friends s" left off.

    5. The fifth best sitcom that everyone should set their DVR to record is "The Big Bang Theory". Though initially an underdog, this show is building more and more support as viewers fall in Knots Landing dvds with the group of geeky physicists who befriKnots Landing show video the beautiful and nerd friKnots Landing collection ly girl aKnots Landing complete collection the hall. Perfectly cast with a cripplingly awkward band of nerdy guys, the show allows the often overKnots Landing collection ed social outcasts a chance at the spotlight. The glaring idiosyncrasies of each character delight the viewer while Knots Landing earing them to the social incompetence of the young scientists. Thus concludes the list of the top 5 must see sitcoms of our current day and age, may they Knots Landing dvd collection to bring joy to all those who watch.

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