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    Old Christine And The Ghost Whisperer May Move To ABC


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    Old Christine And The Ghost Whisperer May Move To ABC Empty Old Christine And The Ghost Whisperer May Move To ABC

    Post  ivyivy on Tue May 04, 2010 11:25 am

    It's almost the end of the regular TV season, BuffyThe Vampire Slayer dvdswhich means it's time for a lot of "bubble" shows-- the ones not popular enough toBuffyThe Vampire Slayer be automatic renewals but not disastrous enough to be cancelled outright-- to consider their fates. There are plenty that are waiting in limbo right now, including One Tree Hill at Buffy dvds the CW and Chuck (again) at NBC, BuffyThe Vampire Slayer dvd box set but two of them buffy complete box set dvd may find new life on new networks.

    The two shows eyeing a switch are dvd ncis both at CBS,NCIS season dvd the buffyThe vampire slayer all season half-hour sitcom The Adventures of Old Christine and the Friday night drama buffyThe vampire slayer dvd 1 7 watched by a bunch of people I don't know, The Ghost Whisperer. According to Deadline Hollywood, both could apparently find new life at ABC, where they could team up Old Christine with The Middle and The Ghost Whisperer could go somewhere it might be moreNCIS dvd appreciated than the Friday nights it occupies now.

    CBS has had hugePrivate Practice DVD success with thePrivate Practice complete DVDs Monday nightdisney movies dvd set comedyncis box set block of Rules of Engagement, How I Met Your Mother, Two and a Half Men and The Big Bang NCIS dvd Theory, but they're apparently aiming to clean house beyond the latter three shows and develop new talent-- which is where Christine gets the boot. After all, Two and adisney movies on dvd Half Men isbox set disney movies barely hanging on by NCIS season 7 a thread as Charlie Sheen renegotiates his contract, and we can't wait foreverdisney dvds to find out who the mother is. New development is a good plan, and so long asNCIS Complete seasons dvd Christine dvd disneycan find a new home, pretty NCIS dvd season much a win-winwalt disney movies dvd forwalt disney dvds everyone, fans walt disney dvd box setincluded.

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