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    Bubble Talk With One Tree Hill's Robert Buckley


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    Bubble Talk With One Tree Hill's Robert Buckley Empty Bubble Talk With One Tree Hill's Robert Buckley

    Post  ivyivy on Wed May 05, 2010 8:46 am

    Frantic fans haveThe Big Bang Theory dvd been known to do everything in their power to CSI NY Season dvd seasonssave their shows.The Big Bang Theory dvd seasons Roswell watchersCSI NY Season dvd show sent CSI NY Season dvd collection3,000CSI NY Season dvdbottles of Tabasco to the WB network execs. CSI NY Season complete dvdCBS programmers The Big Bang Theory dvd collectionreceived 20 tons ofThe Big Bang Theory dvd box set peanuts from those desperate to save Jericho. And Chuck was kept The Big Bang Theory dvd showon the air in part because of viewers purchasing foot-long sandwiches fromThe Big Bang Theory complete dvdproduct-placement sponsorThe Big Bang Theory dvd collection Subway.

    So what are One Tree Hill fans sending to the CW to save their show? CSI NY Season dvd box setRobert Buckley (Clay) tellsCSI NY Season seasons us...


    "I didn't know this, but apparently fans are sendingHow I Met Your Mother DVD in basketballs to the CW. That's not easy to send a basketball!" laughs OTH new dude Buckley. "How I Met Your Mother DVD collectionYou have to make a big effort to send an object that awkward andHow I Met Your Mother DVD seasons big in the mail.How I Met Your Mother DVD box set I was really surprised, because that's not a cheap or easy thing to do. But apparentlyHow I Met Your Mother seasons they're sending How I Met Your Mother box setbasketballs toHow I Met Your Mother complete DVD the CW powers that be."

    This season, Robert bounced onto One Tree Hill—which returns tonight with a new episode—as Nathan's (James Lafferty) agent and friend. After a standard crazy-tumultuous storyline, it looked like his character would be a-OK. But this is One Tree Hill. So we knew not to rest easy. "They really had some fun with Clay's future over the last four episodes of the season. There won't be easy days for Clay, there's a lot of uncertainty and stalker issues in his future," he dishes.

    Stalker issues? One time I slept outside his trailer and…box set The Mentalistoh, you mean nut job tennis player Katie (Amanda Schull). "She is every bit as unstable and 'cuckoo Cocoa Puffs" The Mentalist dvdas you'd probably question," Robert promises. "I don't want to give away too much; it would be spoiling a really creepy surprise. She has quite a few crazy tricks up her sleeve." I don't want to support stalking (mostly because it's never gotten me anywhere), but I can't wait to see how this storyline plays out.

    Fred Norris/The CW
    One Tree Hill is back with all new episodes tonight, The Mentalist dvd collection and Robert promises "a lot of gasping, a lot of 'oh no she didn't,' and a lot of 'Clay's not gonna make it. The Mentalist dvd box set' It really does go The Mentalist dvd seasons from bad to 'we're in trouble' for Clay in the last few episodes." And while he assures us that everyone is staying positive The Mentalist box setin regard to the show's future, he also says somewhat helplessly that "at the end of the day, there's really not a whole lot you The Mentalist complete dvdscan do except wait."

    The big question is: How does the season, and possibly series, finale Beverly Hills 90210 Seasons DVDleave the Tree Hill gang? "Mark Schwahn did a really good job of leaving this season in a place that'sBeverly Hills 90210 Seasons DVD collection very uncertain. There's a cliff-hanger for Clay, Quinn and the other characters. It's not tied up nice and neat," teases Robert. But…but…what if this is it? They can't leave us hanging, can they? "Beverly Hills 90210 Seasons DVD seasonsNot everyone is going Beverly Hills 90210 Seasons DVD showto be getting a Beverly Hills 90210 Seasons complete DVDhappy ending," he says.

    Unfortunately, that just might be the case forBeverly Hills 90210 Seasons One Tree Hill. Beverly Hills 90210 Seasons DVD box setFingers crossed that they get a season eight so the characters, and the fans, do get a happy ending. Guess you all better run out and start shipping basketballs. And tune in tonight at 8/7c on the CW for COLD CASE dvd the return of One Tree Hill.

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