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    Drinking with the Stars: 'SouthLAnd' and 'True Blood's' Kevin Alejandro


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    Drinking with the Stars: 'SouthLAnd' and 'True Blood's' Kevin Alejandro Empty Drinking with the Stars: 'SouthLAnd' and 'True Blood's' Kevin Alejandro

    Post  ivyivy on Thu May 06, 2010 8:46 am

    Kevin Alejandro has been on prettyMichael Jackson ultimate collection much every TV show you’veMichael Jackson ultimate dvd collection ever seen or heard of.
    On “Ugly Betty” he played Santos,Michael Jackson ultimate dvd Hilda’s baby daddy whom they lost Michael Jackson ultimate seasonstragically. You might also recognize him from “The Young and the Restless,” from a few hours of “24,” a couple episodes of “Sons of Anarchy” or a handful of “Weeds” … Michael Jackson box setand the list goes on (“Heroes,” “Melrose Place,” “CSI: Miami,” “NCIS,” “Sleeper Michael Jackson ultimate dvd box setCell”).

    This dude has done Michael Jackson ultimate box seteverything.

    In fact, when I returned home from shootingMichael Jackson ultimate box set this interview, I switched on the TV and there he was, father ted dvd box setguest-starring in “The Deep End” finale.

    Most recently, however, Alejandro hasfather ted dvd box set landed long-term roles on both “SouthLAnd” and “True Blood” and we have a feeling one of these parts will knock him from “Hey, don’t I know you?” status to “Hey, father ted dvd seasonsit’s the dude from my favorite show!”

    “SouthLAnd” returns to the small-screen tonight viaget smart dvd TNT, the cable network cool enough to pick the cop series up after NBC unexpectedly dropped it last fall. TNT has really promoted the show in the manner it deserves and they’re hoping forfather ted seasons big ratings.

    The cast and crew deserve it after all they’ve beenbuy father ted dvd through.

    And the producers better lock Kevin get smart dvd box setdown to an air tight contract, because once he hitsBeverly Hills 90210 Seasons DVD HBO as Lafayette’s (Nelsan Ellis) love interest and his mother’s (Alfre Woodard) caretaker on “get smart dvd seasonsTrue Blood” this summer, the K.A.Beverly Hills 90210 Seasons DVD collection fans are going to be get smart dvdscoming on strong.

    In the video, Kevin and I talk about his role onget smart box set both shows, Beverly Hills 90210 Seasons DVD seasonshis drinking habits and I of course try to trick him into telling me if he’ll be playing a vampire on get smart dvd collection“TB.”

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