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    Surgery: the director's cut


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    Surgery: the director's cut Empty Surgery: the director's cut

    Post  ivyivy on Mon May 10, 2010 9:48 am

    THE enterprising surgeon at buffyThe vampire slayer dvd 1 7 Gartnavel Hospital offering to show movies to patients undergoingNCIS season dvd knee operations using only local anaesthetic opens up interesting opportunities.

    Obviously, episodes of ER or Casualty – never mind Nip/Tuck dvd ncis – would be best avoided but perhaps something like Chariots of Fire could help the rehab programme getNCIS dvd off on the right foot, as it were.

    That some people are complaining that the operation is overncis box set before the end could be dealt with by sticking to episodes of Tom and Jerry, which might actually help speed up the procedure. Six hours of Abel Gance's Napoleon or three hours of Dances NCIS dvd with Wolves could send anyone to sleep and remove the need forNCIS season 7 anaesthetics altogether.

    Perhaps theNCIS Complete seasons dvd service could be extended to other NCIS dvd season wards – imagine the scenes in a maternity ward as expectant mothers opt for The Sound of Music instead of gas and air although The Omen or Alien would be bad choices. Edward Scissorhands might not be appropriate for the vasectomy clinic and Marathon Man in the dentist'swalt disney dvds wouldn't be dvd disneya good idea either.

    Greatdisney movies dvd set care would have disney movies on dvdto be taken if thewalt disney dvd box set concept is to spread – Nine to Five in the jobbox set disney movies centre might not have the desired effect, nor Saving Private Ryan disney dvdsin the army recruitment walt disney movies dvdoffice.

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