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    The Simpsons to take part in Winter Olympics - sort of


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    The Simpsons to take part in Winter Olympics - sort of Empty The Simpsons to take part in Winter Olympics - sort of

    Post  ivyivy on Tue Jan 19, 2010 7:53 am

    Cowabunga! Homer and Marge Simpson are headed to Vancouver for the 2010 Winter Olympics!

    The TV couple will be representingSouth park dvd box setthe United States in the fictional event of mixed curling in an episode to be aired during the Games in mid-February. Why curling?
    the simpsons dvd box set writers are Canadian, where curling is the No. 2 sportdisney dvd collection behind hockey.everybody loves Raymond dvd box set They were determined to integrate the Winter Olympics into the show, and what better married with children dvd box setway than to have Homer and Marge sweeping and rolling family guy dvd box set stones?

    ``We knew we wanted to do a show disney dvd box setabout the Winter Olympics in Vancouver, and we wanted to get the Simpsons there asAmerican dad dvd participants,'' Rob LaZebnik, oneCurb your enthusiasm series dvd of the show's writers, tothe simpsons dvd box set ld The Associated Press.

    ``We disney dvdliked the idea South park dvd collectionof a sport that youSouth park dvd collection could do with your spouse, and all the issues thatNaruto complete series dvd box set presents. Plus, we'rethe simpsons dvd hoping we get free Olympic stuff.''

    The writers were sensitive disney dvd collectionto the fact that competitive curlers might take offense to a couch potato like Homer the office dvd box setSimpson being able to waltz into the Olympics.

    ``When you hear `Thedisney dvd collection Simpsons' how i met your mother series dvdis going to do their take on your sport, you naturally get a little alarmed,'' LaZebnik American dad dvdsaid. ``But we ended up being respectful I would say, even, surprisingly respectful. Both Homer and Marge take it seriously.''

    Marge is thethat 70s show dvd box set sweeper and Homer, disney dvd box seta good bowler, delivers the stone. The show's writers consulted regularly with actual curlers to make sure it looked authentic. Meanwhile, family guy dvd box set Lisa becomes obsessed with pin trading. And there's no telling what Bart will do.

    Cristindisney dvd Clark South park dvd collectioncompetes in mixed curling, which is not an Olympichow i met your mother series dvd discipline. Her take? Naruto complete series dvd box set``Although Homer Simpson probably isn'tSouth park dvd collection the ideal athlete I would want to see representing our sport,the simpsons dvd box set I just think it's the simpsons dvd great exposure.''

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