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    Season 6: A Parade of Question Marks


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    Season 6: A Parade of Question Marks Empty Season 6: A Parade of Question Marks

    Post  ivyivy on Thu May 13, 2010 8:40 am

    Seth, if last night's messThe Mentalist complete dvds was the best episode of Lost all year, I'm afraid of what that says about this season. I felt as though I was watchingHow I Met Your Mother DVD a bizarro version of Oedipus ReHow I Met Your Mother DVD collectionx—all the stiff, wooden dialogue without any of the little flourishes (and with How I Met Your Mother DVD box setmatricide rather than patricide). What poorly executed slop. Desperate Housewives dvd showThe effectsDesperate Housewives dvd box set were hokey,How I Met Your Mother DVD seasons the acting was campy, and the sets were sparse. On an artistic level, itDesperate Housewives complete dvd Season was as enjoyable as gettingHow I Met Your Mother seasons turned into a smokeHow I Met Your Mother box set monster.

    CLOSEOn a purelyDesperate Housewives dvds narrative level, however,How I Met Your Mother complete DVD I was basking in Desperate Housewives complete dvd showits eternal sunshine. Brothers And Sisters dvdThis was perhaps the most revelation-packed episode since we first got a glimpse of the hatch in Season 2. It was, to keep with Jack's toilet vocabulary,CSI NY Season dvd a dump. Why this episode didn't happen earlier in the series, I don't know. I'd have been far more invested far more CSI NY Season dvd collectionquickly in the Jacob vs. Desperate Housewives dvd showSmokey battle if I was given this back story in the season premiere.

    But answerDesperate Housewives dvd Seasons are answers, CSI NY Season dvd seasonsno matter when they're offered, and even if, as Mother Earth suggested, they lead to another question. Thus, let's begin my parade of answers followed by question marks with the revelation that boy Jacob is that CSI NY Season dvd showcreepy kid we've seen stalking Smokey in modern times. We know that it's not just Smokey who can CSI NY Season complete dvdsee the new Jacob, but Sawyer, too. And yet Richard couldn't see him. So maybe candidates are the only ones who can see Jacob Jr., even though Hurley is the only one who can see Jacob Sr.'s ghost? CSI NY Season dvd box setThis is the 27th arbitrary rulePrivate Practice box set this season, by my count.

    And then,Private Practice DVD why didn't MiB die whenCSI NY Season seasons his mom smashed his head against the wall? (Jack, after gunshots to the torso, The Big BangTheory dvd seasonsthe head againstThe Big BangTheory dvd the wall is Lost'sPrivate Practice DVDs second-favorite way to kill somebody off.) He certainly looked dead—not passed The Big BangTheory dvd collectionout—and Mother told Jacob that she went to say goodbye to MiB. I'd say that it's becauseThe Big BangTheory dvd show family members can't kill one another, except MiB kills MotherThe Big BangTheory complete dvd later in the episode. I'd say that the only The Big BangTheory dvd collectionreason MiB is able to killPrivate Practice complete DVDs Mother is because he uses a special sword (the same onePrivate Practice DVD seasons Richard and Sayid use to try to kill MiB), The Big BangTheory dvd box setexcept that's not Private Practice DVD box setwhat Ben used to kill Jacob. It appears we've stumbled intoPrivate Practice DVD collection Arbitrary Rule No. 28.

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