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    Cold Case Files - Paxil Birth Defects


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    Cold Case Files - Paxil Birth Defects Empty Cold Case Files - Paxil Birth Defects

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    Almost like anNCIS season dvd episode of the TV show, Cold Case Files, the first Paxil birth defect trial was dominated by a story about what happened to the rat pups that died dvd ncis around 1979 and1980, involved in a study inNCIS dvd which Paxil was being ncis box set tested on pregnant female rats.

    The animal studies giving Paxil to rats and rabbits were conducted by a Danish company called Ferrosan before the drug maker, that later became part of GlaxoSmithKline, purchased the drug.

    The family's lead attorney in the case of Kilker v Glaxo,NCIS dvd Sean Tracey from Houston, brought in the world-famous neuropsychopharmocology expert from Wales, NCIS season 7 Dr David Healy,NCIS Complete seasons dvdto testify NCIS dvd season extensively aboutBuffyThe Vampire Slayer dvds rat pup study 295.

    In summary, Healy told theBuffyThe Vampire Slayer jury that all the rat pups born to mothers who received Paxil were dead four days after they were born, while eighty-eight percent of the pups noBuffy dvds t exposedBuffyThe Vampire Slayer dvd box set to Paxil werebuffy complete box set dvd still alive on day four.

    In fact, of the 415 rat pups born to mothers who buffyThe vampire slayer all season received Paxil, Healy testified that, "One in every ten or actually maybe more likebuffyThe vampire slayer dvd 1 7 possibly one in every eight or so were born dead."

    As far as he could make make out, Two and a Half Men dvd all the rats were not autopsied, Healy said, so the question was why theTwo and a Half Men pups died.

    "It's clearly the drug thatTwo and a Half Men dvd box set has caused the death," he told the jury.

    "One of the possible reasons for their death isTwo and a Half Men dvds they're born with birth defects that lead to them actually dying early in infant life," he testified. "A responsible approach to data like this is to investigate it further and find out just what the cause is."

    Doctor Suzanne Parisian, a former FDA scientist,Two and a Half Men seasons dvd also served as an expert for the plaintiffs. She testified that the first safety signals that indicated Paxil could cause birth defects were seen in the animal studies conducted in 1979-1981 period, as well.

    Parisian said the studies showed birth defects, embryos Two and a Half Men dvd series that died, and rat pups that did not survive.

    Adam Peavy, of the Houston firm of Bailey, Perrin Two and a Half Men season dvd and Bailey, handled her testimony. While testifying, Peavy had Parisian review comments in a memo by a Doctor John Baldwin to Glaxo in 1980, discussing the Ferrosan studies, which stated: "There remains the possibility that this compound could be teratogenic at high-dosecheap Two and a Half Men dvd levels."

    "We need to ascertain whether Ferrosan have COLD CASE dvd conducted or are conducting or intend to conduct a peri- and postnatal study and a neonatal acuteCOLD CASE toxicity study," Baldwin wrote.
    COLD CASE dvd box set
    Based on her review the documents, ParisianCOLD CASE on dvd told the jury, Glaxo never ascertained whether Ferrosan did the studies and Glaxo never conducted the studies.

    As far as she knew, the company neverCOLD CASE dvd season told the FDA about Baldwin's statements eitherCOLD CASE tv she said, but "they shouldCOLD CASE dvd series have."

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