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    Rare Simpsons script sold by fan Empty Rare Simpsons script sold by fan

    Post  ivyivy on Mon Jan 25, 2010 4:55 am

    A Simpsons fan from Aberfoyle has sold his that 70s show dvd box setrare original script of a 1990 episode of the popular cartoon.

    Adam Carter was given the manuscript when he was how i met your mother series dvdjust eight years old by actress Maggie Roswell, who voices several Simpsons characters.

    The 45-page scripthe simpsons dvd box set t, signed by Roswell, is for the "Bart v Thanksgiving" episode from the second season.
    South park dvd box set
    It sold for £340 - £40 more than its top estimated price - in an auction in South Cerney, family guy dvd box set Gloucestershire.

    Mr Carter, 28, said he was South park dvd collectionselling his prized possession to pay for a trip to help Aids sufferers in Kenya. disney dvd

    The chief security officer, who now lives in Glasgow, was helping his parents at the family bed and breakfastdisney dvd box set in the summer of 1990 when a group of women from the US stayed.

    "I was aAmerican dad dvd huge Bart fan right fromdisney dvd collection the start - and I still am,South park dvd collection" he said.

    I expect there will be plenty the simpsons dvd of bidders trying to get hold of such an iconic piece of global popular culture

    Auctioneer Chris Albury
    "I'm told these ladiesSouth park dvd box set took a shine to me and one was very interested to hear I was a fan of The Simpsons. She was very close to the voice actress Maggie Roswell and a few weeks later the Simpsons script came through ouNaruto complete series dvd box set letterbox.

    "I've treasured it for all those years, but I'm taking five months out to visit friends in Kenya who are helping Aids victims and Imarried with children dvd box set'm trying to raise all the money I can."

    Roswell is best known as thethat 70s show dvd box set voice of Simpsonsdisney dvd characters Maude Flanders, Helen Lovejoy, Luannthe simpsons dvd box set van Houten and Shelleyall disney dvds Bobbins.

    The voice actress signed the front page, which features an illustration of the Simpsons family: "Adam - you ARE real. Are you our number one fan. Remember this episode? Love Maggifamily guy dvd box set e Roswell."

    She has also highlightedAmerican dad dvd her characters' lines.

    Chris Albury, auctioneerSouth park dvd box setat Dominic Winter Book Auctions who sold thehow i met your mother series dvd script, said it was an "iconic piece of global popular culture".

    He added: "This script is South park dvd collectionunusual in that it dates disney dvd box setback to the second season, long before many of us had cottoned on to just how good the simpsons dvd it was."

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