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    Post  veki on Fri Aug 05, 2011 4:32 am

    I am as proud of the president now cheap Dexter DVD I've ever been, or ever will be. Just the other day, he proclaimed that we need to "eat our peas." And I think we should give peas a chance.
    In a completely unrelated story, around the same time the other day, a recommendation came to us from some intellectual CSI: Las vegas seasons 1-8 DVD boxset social engineers (who have many fancy degrees and titles) saying that, when kids become obese, the guv'mint should take them away from their parents.Now, the president may have been talking about something else when he made the "peas" comment, but I think he's on Desperate Housewives dvd set something. Let's take your kids away from you, since you are too stupid to raise them without blowing them up like balloons, and let's feed 'em peas. Lots of peas. Peas House M.D dvd boxset the mornin,' peas in the evenin,' peas at supper time.

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