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    TV Preview: House, M.D. Season Finale - "Help Me"


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    TV Preview: House, M.D. Season Finale - "Help Me" Empty TV Preview: House, M.D. Season Finale - "Help Me"

    Post  ivyivy on Thu May 20, 2010 10:15 am

    At a press conference aThe Mentalist box set couple of years ago, House, M.D star Hugh Laurie refers to a scene in Star Trek classic in which Captain Kirk looks out over the cosmos, saying ”somewhere out there someone is saying the three most beautiful words in any language.” But says, Laurie, those three words are not what you would expect. They’re not “I love you.” They are, Laurie recalls (though not completely accurately), “Please help me.”The Mentalist complete dvds Laurie goes on to suggest that “House is a character in need of human contact and some kind of redemption.” That ‘please help me’ aspect I think is an important element in the show.”

    “Help me.” A plea from a young woman on How I Met Your Mother DVDthe beginning of a promising life; she has a new husband, the hopes of a family. She is crushed beneath a building, and trapped by a giant crane that toppled into the building, her leg wedged under tons of debris. Rescue is not imminent. It is also the title of the House, M.D. season six finale. And it is one of the series finest hours.

    I keep saying that, it seems How I Met Your Mother DVD box setthis season. YesHow I Met Your Mother DVD collection, seasonHow I Met Your Mother DVD seasons six had its problems; I know. But episodes like “Help Me,” “Baggage” (last week’s episode)CSI NY Season dvd, and How I Met Your Mother seasons“Broken” stand right up there with House classics like “Three Stories,” How I Met Your Mother complete DVD“House’s Head” and “BotHow I Met Your Mother box seth Sides Now.”

    At the end of last week’s “Baggage,” House's psychiatrist Dr. Daryl Nolan (Andre Braugher) hits a tender nerve when he suggests that House’s misery may have something to do with his non-relationship with his boss, Dr. Lisa Cuddy (Lisa Edelstein). House denies the connection, and deciding that he’s had it with Nolan and psychotherapy, he accuses his therapist of being a “faith healer,” preying on those (like him) who “want to believe.” He’s given it a year and nothing for him has changed; everyone around his has found happiness—are “moving in together.” He’s done everything Nolan has asked (which in itself is amazing CSI NY Season dvd collectionfor the cynical House)—CSI NY Season dvd seasonsand his is CSI NY Season dvd showstill (if not more) miserable.

    “Help Me” beginsPrivate Practice DVDs where last week’sCSI NY Season complete dvd episode ends: with Dr. Ernest Cuddy’s medical text. House had been holding onto the antiquarian book for years,CSI NY Season dvd box set saving it to give Cuddy for a “special occasion.” Clearly, House believes the window of opportunity has The Big BangTheory dvd seasonspassed for The Big BangTheory dvd showa special occasion they can share, and he gives it to her (and Lucas) wishing them successThe Big BangTheory dvd collectionas they begin a “new chapter.” It’s a housewarming gift. Is this a signal that Private Practice DVD seasonsperhaps House understands The Big BangTheory dvdit’s over and that he’s lost? Is it resignation? Is he trying still (even Private Practice DVD collectionafter giving up on CSI NY Season seasonsNolan’s help)The Big BangTheory dvd box set to beThe Big BangTheory complete dvd grown up about it while trying to steer himself on The Big BangTheory dvd collectiona new path?

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