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    Sex and the City 2’ girls Photoshop blunder


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    Sex and the City 2’ girls Photoshop blunder Empty Sex and the City 2’ girls Photoshop blunder

    Post  ivyivy on Wed Jun 23, 2010 5:05 am

    The latest Sex and the City Buy Bones DVD poster has got mouths a-flapping because it seems everyone’s The Sopranos complete dvdfavourite Manhattan babes have been airbrushed toCSI las vegas dvd seasons buggery.

    In the new image there isn’t a The Sopranos dvdswrinkle inThe Sopranos dvd sight and for a foursome that has a combined age of 187 that’s quite an buffy complete box set dvd achievement!

    Kristin Davis and The Sopranos dvd box set Cynthia Nixon The Sopranos dvd seriesseem to have gotten off lightlyThe Sopranos collection but for SJPCSI las vegas dvd series and Kim Cattrall it’s aCSI las vegas dvd whole otherCSI las vegas dvd series Photoshopbuffy The vampire slayer all season story…

    The SydneyLost tv series Morning Herald reckons The Sopranos dvd seasonsSarah Jessica Parker looks possessed and The Guardian points out that her forearms are wider than her upperLost dvds arms!

    Kim Cattrall the oldest of the quartetLost dvd at 53, has become a waxwork of herself and as The Guardian also rightly points out that Cattrall’s face seems to have morphed into Sharon Stone’s!

    Oh dear. Perhaps a little too much caffeine for theLost dvd seasonsdesigner eh?

    Sex and the City 2 opens later thisbuffy The vampire slayer dvd 1 7 monthLost box set and we’re giving you the chanceLost seasons to win tickets to the UKLost complete colletion premiere!

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