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    Post  lucifer49 on Fri Apr 30, 2010 2:00 pm

    We call it Reality TV. But how real is it? And is it unique? Well, this is an argument that many people will have their opinion on. And while we're not going to thirtysomething movies to take a position one way or the other, we are going to thirtysomething shows a few thirtysomething collection s that should at least thirtysomething tv some kind of debate.

    For starters. let's thirtysomething show the thirtysomething DVD of how unique reality TV really is. In order to do that, we have to try to define what reality TV is. While nobody has ever given it a thirtysomething show on dvd al definition (go on look up reality TV in the dictionary) we have come to regard reality TV as television that is non scripted and with real people instead of professional actors. Well, if that's the case, then wouldn't "The Price Is Right" also be thirtysomething movies ed reality TV? What's that you say? It's got a professional host by the name of Bob Barker? Well, for that , American Idol has not just one but four celebrithirtysomething show dvd s on the show. So how is that any more real than Bob Barker's show?

    The truth is, reality TV is not so unique. It's been around for a thirtysomething dvds[/url] thirtysomething dvd set . thirtysomething complete collection in the day before we thirtysomething show video ed it reality TV we had shows like Star Search. Even before that we had Athirtysomething dvds[/url] ur Hour. The list of reality TV shows reads like a who's who of television. Yet, for some reason, this "reality" craze seems to have taken off bethirtysomething video for whatever reason, people think of it as being new. I thirtysomething and friends we have short memories.

    What about the issue of how real it is? This is something you can rip athirtysomething dvd series from today until the cows come home. Just thirtysomething shows a show. Take American Idol. Some of the conthirtysomething dvd set ants on this show are one step away from being professional singers. Okay, you thirtysomething videos to thirtysomething dvd collection that real people can be talented? No pthirtysomething lem. But what about thirtysomething factor? How many people do you know in their everyday lives go around eating bugs? I seriously doubt that there are thirtysomething dvds y people who would view this as anywhere near reality.

    Take a show thirtysomething collection survivor. If you think this show isn't scripted then you don't know what goes on behind the scenes. Not only is it scripted but there are times where scenes are either shot over and over until they are gotten just right or plain edited to thirtysomething show the way the rs thirtysomething . What's real about that? And Richard Hatch? Boy, if he wasn't a star in the making. There was nothing real about that guy unless you live in Hollywood and your best friend is Tom Hanks. We could go on and on with examples of reality TV being nowhere near real. And yet, there are those who will argue that reality TV is quite real. Again, we're not going to try to convince anyone either way but if you look at the evidence you at least have to admit that there is some room for dethirtysomething and friends e.

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